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Course Title: Introduction to Etching with Zinc

July 2nd – July 30th 2019 (Tuesday evenings 6-9pm)

Course cost : $220 + tax // plus materials cost ($50) to be paid to tutor
This course will give you an introduction to etching with zinc using hard ball ground. As a result of this course, you will gain a good understanding of using zinc plates and hard ground etching techniques – from preparing the plate, applying hard ball ground, making marks, and using nitric acid safely through to preparing your paper and pulling your print using an etching press. The course is led by Maya U Schueller Elmes, a printmaker from London, UK with over 10 years printmaking and teaching experience in community arts and adult education in both the UK and Canada.
Skill level: beginner / refresher / suitable for printmakers at any level who are curious about use of hard ball ground as an alternative to liquid hard ground.
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Course Title:  Introduction to Etching: Drypoint

September 10October 2 (Tuesday evenings 6 – 9)
four 3-hour sessions
Instructor: Erin Taniguchi

Cost: $225 + approx. $50 materials cost for each student

This course is a comprehensive introduction to simple dry point techniques using sharp implements to create line work and tonal variation through scratching the surface of a copper plate. Students will gain a good understanding of how to produce a dry point print, from plate preparation through to pulling a small edition of prints.  This course is suitable for beginners or for artists who want to learn a new process.

Erin Taniguchi is an editorial illustrator and printmaker, with nine years of printmaking experience. Her primary mediums are linocut and copper etching.

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July in the gallery

Group Summer Exhibition

July 1 – September 15, 2019

Through out the summer Dundarave printmakers will be exhibiting new and small format original prints. We invite you to stop in to see this diverse range of work including etchings, monotypes, relief prints, collagraphs and more. As pieces are sold, new works go up to create an ever changing exhibition. Stop by often!

June in the gallery

Exploring the Figure

Gloria Shaw, Denise Tonner
June 10 – June 30, 2019

Using various printmaking techniques, including etching, monotypes and digital printmaking, two Dundarave print artists express their attraction to the figure as inspiration.

May in the gallery

…is in the details
New work by Jacqueline Law

April 24 – May 19, 2019

Please join us for the opening reception Saturday, April 27 at 6pm

God or the Devil? Both are responsible. Using monotype, etchings and intaglio prints, the artist takes a look at the interaction between Nature and Humanity and how one reflects, interacts and uses the other.


May 20 – June 9, 2019
Barb Snyder, Corey Mah & Maya Schueller-Elmes

Artists Corey Mah, Maya Schueller-Elmes and Barb Snyder explore the significant role of nature and plant life in sustaining (and maintaining) our own personal landscapes and daily lives. These artists invite viewers to consider their unique and introspective interpretations of ‘greenscapes’ captured through multiple printmaking techniques including etching, drypoint, serigraph, monotype and collagraph.

April in the gallery

Water: Prints from the Wet Coast
March 27April 21

Paradise Calling – Gloria Shaw

Jet propelled – Barb Snyder







Oil and Water – Moira Calder    

poseidon – Erin Taniguchi







Using the theme of ‘Water’ the Dundarave Print Workshop artists explore their personal relationship with this ubiquitous substance, viewed as landscape, environment, sport, the thing of dreams and memory, and as a life sustaining necessity.




March in the gallery


In this exhibition, visual artists Alexa Thornton and Maria Tratt explore elements that, combined, inform ideas of self and other.

February 27 – March 24, 2019

Opening Reception:
Thursday, Feb 28 5:30-9pm

From top to bottom:

Alexa Thornton, “Relocate” 
serigraph and cyanotype

Maria Tratt, “Call and Response” 
monotype and collagraph

February in the gallery

For the Love of Printmaking:
Two Influential Local Printmakers
Jan 23 – Feb 24, 2019

Betty Jean Drummond and Marijke Nap were members of Dundarave Print Workshop for many years. Their enthusiasm for printmaking was infectious. Both experimented with their craft in response to the world around them. Betty Jean found joy in nature and the environment creating colourful, richly textured works in collagraphs and etchings. Marijke’s work speaks to social inequalities by exploration through digital and etched collages. Please join us in honouring the memory and the work of these two influential and important print artists.