June in the gallery 2016

Leah Mcinnis, Jesse Kvarnstrom, Rosalind Rorke, Helsa Ahmadi
June 13 – July 3

“Tails of the City” is an exhibition of new print works from Helsa Ahmadi, Jesse Kvarnstrom, Leah McInnis and Rosalind Rorke.  These four artist have focused on the city as a space where a panorama of experience, circumstances and life takes place.  Living in the city is an on-going negotiation of the physical space, flora and fauna, human inhabitants and communities, which are themselves constantly evolving.  The boundaries between order and chaos, managed and wild, street front and back alley are places to observe, speculate and daydream about the nature of city life.

alley goats

Alley goats by Rosalind Rorke


Apart by Helsa Ahmadi










Jacqueline Law
May 24 – June 12

FLOAT IIartist's statement

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