DPW Artists


Fruit Stand by Heather Aston

The following artists are represented at Dundarave Print Workshop.

Mike Anstead
Heather Aston
Joan Bam
Leonard Brett
Sharole Brown
Moira Calder
Kathy Curry
Vahid Dastpak
Betty-Jean Drummond
Gail Fromson
Alexandro Gage Francois
Dariush Ghaderi
Patricia Gaspar
Hana Hasseinali
Kelly Hayden
Jacqueline Law
Corey Mah
Carolyn Mount
Karen Nguyen
Wendy Morosoff Smith
Marike Nap
Cristina Pepe
Maya Schueller-Elmes
Gloria Shaw
Barb Snyder
Erin Taniguchi
Lone Tratt
Miriam Tratt
Andrea Van Schubert
Graham Walker
Janice Wong
Anthony Zdansky

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