September in the Gallery

“Searing Beauty- Songs from the Australian Bushland”

New photogravure etchings from Australia by barb snyder

Sept 19 – Oct 5

“Last fall, I spent 3 months in Australia, documenting the unique and extraordinary endemic plants and animals.   As this was peak summer down under, bushfires tore through the country decimating forests and creatures.   With this show, I wanted to illustrate the unusual beauty of the land, its plants and animals, to show what might be lost with world-altering climate change.   Australia is a hotspot for biodiversity.   What struck me was the resilience as well as the fragility of their unique biota.

These images are photogravures, a technique I learned in Australia.  I printed these etched plates here at DPW and added water colour to some.  I did a series of six birds, just 4” X 4”, printed small and intimate – as if we could hold them in our hands to protect them.  “

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