Upcoming classes

       Not just black ink!
Reduction printing

Instructor: Luis Damian Oriak Rodriguez

4 weeks Tuesdays 6-9

Two schedules: April 3-24th    OR    May 1st– 22nd

Fee: $180+tax (Materials fee: $50 paid to instructor)

Min 3 students, Max 9

Students will be walked throughout the process of carving and printing in wood using a multicolored inking technique called reduction printing. They will experiment with multicolored designs of their choice while gaining practical experience with carving tools meant for reduction prints. Beginners and intermediate printmakers are encouraged to come and delve into the world of colour in relief printing.

This course is suitable for beginners and intermediates

Damian Oriak is a Mexican-Canadian artist with 7 years of printmaking experience. He studied traditional print- making in Mexico under Anelee Rossell, the founder of La Hoja Tepoztlan. He has taught various linocut workshops in Mexico to children allowing them to learn how to express ideas and create a sense of community through the printmaking process.



7 thoughts on “Upcoming classes

    • Hi Nicky,
      I have passed your request along to our education committee. Once the course lineup is created, they will get back to you. Jan. 4- 27, we have an all members show on monotypes – something you might enjoy seeing.

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