Summer 2020
Open hours
July – September
Friday to Sunday: 11 am – 4 pm
closed Monday – Thursday

Dundarave Print Workshop and Gallery

1640 Johnston Street . Granville Island

Vancouver .  BC . V6H 3S2

Netloft Building (number 1 on the Granville Island map)
Granville Island Map

Phone:  604 689-1650

5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. While in a framing store in NV I saw a painting I fell in love with. It had just been framed and the owner came to pick it up. It was glorious! Reds and golds. She said the artist was her friend Heather Aston…Wondering if I have found her?

  2. I met Denise Tonner recently on Granville Island and as a fellow printmaker was excited to purchase one of her prints. I am the secretary of a printmaking group in Australia and was wondering if Dundarave printers would be interested in an exchange. I did send a message through your facebook page but have had no response so don’t know if it was received. Could you please let me know if the message was received and if possible the feeling of the group towards a possible exchange? We have a meeting on the 8th Sept and it would be god to have some news for the group.
    Thanks in advance
    Gillian Baldock

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